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My Personal Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe – So Far

Spring Dausted

So I have been working on my personal spring summer capsule wardrobe. The list is far from complete. I am missing a lot of items for this tiny wardrobe to be fully functional.

So far I have only cruised through my own wardrobe and picked items which I found to be suitable to include in the list therefore it is pretty short, but here You go. My spring summer capsule wardrobe so far:


Knotted Shirt with short sleeves from Bershka. I have chosen this item since it is pretty much a simple white buttoned up shirt. It is 100% viscose, it is breathable and soft to the touch. I bought one size up, so it would feel more loose and casual. This is the shirt You can see in both pictures as well.knotted shirt with short sleeves, black jeans and white sneakers

Short sleeved black button up shirt with red flower pattern from Tally Weijl. This one is a bit more fun as You can see from the picture. I have a thing for striped clothing, however it tends to look strict, I feel that the flower patter on top breaks it up quite nicely. This shirt is also 100% viscose.

Sleeveless white and navy blue shirt from House. It is a pretty basic timeless silhouette ang guess what, 100% viscose 😀

(Edit: I did some research and while both cotton and viscose are made from cellulose fibers, cotton is a more natural option while viscose is factory produced. Viscose seems to be cheaper and a material which is easier to blend while cotton is slightly sturdier and a more natural choice, so to speak. Frankly, there is only a question of preference, If You prefer cotton, go for cotton and it’s blends.)

Grey open front suit jacket from New Yorker. I throw it on when I feel chilly. New Yorker store country of origin is Germany, so the stores are mainly located in Europe with a couple scattered in Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Unfortunately no stores in America


Navy blue trousers from Reserved. Unfortunately, could not find the exact model on their website but I feel like those look pretty close. I chose these pants as they are very loose and breathable, perfect for sitting comfortably in Your office chair. Mine consist of 96% polyester and 6% elastane. Polyester doesn’t wrinkle, which makes my life so much easier, but it also means it is not a very flexible material, however 6% of elastane compensate it just fine. I love clothes that don’t require ironing. Polyester also dries incredibly fast, meaning You can wash them and go in them the next day, or more realistically, You can wash the ketchup stain You put on during lunch and it will dry in no time without anyone noticing 😀
Navy blue trousers and knotted shirt with short sleeves

Black high waisted jeans from Bershka, pretty self-explanatory if You ask me 😀
My old ones are not that great anymore, they are a little to washed out for my taste, so I will most likely invest in a pair of new ones soon.

Pencil skirt from New Yorker. Pencil skirt is a straight, fitted skirt and it is a pretty versatile when it comes to body shape. It suits most body types. I did have to search for a while, most of the pencil skirts are too long for me, making it unflattering, however I did find one which in my opinion suits my body shape pretty well. It is high waisted, which automatically makes me look taller, and it has some detailing on the waist accentuating it. It is 74% viscose, 23% polyester and 3% elastane making it stretchy and not too constricting.


Crochet dress from Stradivarius. Since I am short it doesn’t look scandalous on me in the workplace, however, it is pretty short. I wear it with black tights and white sneakers to dress it down just a tiny bit. The exterior is 72% cotton and 28% nylon. Interestingly enough the internet store also suggest wearing this dress with white trainers.

Classic black and white striped dress with two third sleeves from Sinsay.
I wear this one on colder days, I am guilty of wearing this one all year round as well, since it doesn’t look off-season in autumn as well.

Accessories and Shoes

White Sneakers from Adidas. I couldn’t find the exact ones on the official web page, but white sneakers are white sneakers no matter the look or brand. Mine are pretty lightweight, the brand is not really visible as it has white stripes on white surface. I do believe it was one of the reasons I got it pretty cheap, the other being, I bought them in an outlet store.

I feel that white sneakers make You look casual, but preppy at the same time. I am currently wearing them each day every day. I enjoy feeling comfy and being able to move freely. I find that white sneakers do a good job of dressing down an article of clothing if it feels slightly too posh to wear to work and I can wear some clothes to work I would find difficult to wear with no occasion.

Silver platforms from god knows where. I do own a pair of navy blue high heels which would probably look more sophisticated and cohesive, however I am not confident enough to walk with them for more than one day in a row. My high heel game is not strong and I feel like I would break a leg sooner or later.
Moonstone Bracelet by Me

Moonstone bracelet I made myself. Looks very simple and milky white colors goes with almost every outfit in this capsule closet. If You don’t plan on making one, You can easily get a similar looking one online. I found one in about five minutes on Ali express, You can click here if You want to check it out.


As You noticed most of the items are white, black, or navy blue. This is pretty much my color scheme right now, however I plan in throwing in some pastel or bright colors into the mix, I just haven’t figured out how just yet.

As I mentioned before, this list is far from complete. I am planning to invest in a new pair of black jeans and perhaps a new jacket. However, I feel like I do have a bare-bone to work around with.

I am not sure if my list was of any help to You, but I did want to share it, to show that everything has to start somewhere and the beginning will most likely not look like the end result and that is okay.

If You have any suggestions what items I should include or which items to get rid of, please feel free to share. I would also find it intriguing if You shared the items You have included or plan in including in Your Capsule Wardrobe. Please share below!

Austeja Amy

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