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How to create more space in your closet

Closet Space

It is quite challenging to go from an extensive clothes’ collection to simply relying on
a few items. I do not suggest a drastic change, although I do wish some things could happen overnight, but I do feel like it is time to learn how to create more space in your closet.

How to create more space in Your closet by decluttering

First step is quite an obvious one. You need to declutter first.

Let’s be honest, the dress hanging in Your closet bought a year ago still has a tag on. It is very unlikely you are going to wear it anytime soon. And the sweater you last put on in high school? That needs to go as well. Don’t worry, I am going to help you :).

Once every six months I like to pile all of my existing clothes on the floor and go through them one by one. I don’t really have a specific system I mainly go by two rules.

Number one, if the piece of clothing is worn out and is not of wearable condition – I throw it out.

Number two, if the piece of clothing has not been worn in the last year or two, if I don’t feel ready for it to leave my closet, chances are I will not wear it again. Such clothing ends up in the give away pile.

Of course, such rules do not apply to all my clothing. I have a couple of clothing items meant for special occasions only which do not happen every year. Such items stay for much longer. And naturally items which have sentimental value to me stay longer as well.

I am no Marie Kondo, but these two rules work for me just fine as I have been taught them by mom and applying them since childhood, however, if you feel You need more detailed guidelines of how to declutter, You can always grab the Marie Kondo book online for a more extensive course of organizing your space 🙂Folding

Creating extra space by storing seasonal clothes

Once You have gone through all of your items one by one You should end up with a lesser pile of items. The next step would be to organize Your clothing by seasons.

This would depend on Your living area, if seasons are not strongly defined in Your area You might skip this step.

Where I live, however, seasons are expressed quite strongly and do have their own character. Winter is cold, summer is hot and spring and autumn are the type to be somewhere in the middle and both at the same time. One of my co-workers expressed it in a very poetic way.

Oh spring! What is it going to be today? Sunshine, heatstroke, rain, snow, wind?

Yes.- Answers the Spring.

Despite the capricious weather use the storage space available wisely. I usually put winter coats and thick sweaters under, the bed as I do have a storage box there. As for other clothing if I have a closet space available I store everything in hard to reach places, like the top shelf (did I mention I am short?). I would need a chair to reach it, but if I rotate the clothes seasonally I don’t really need the extra effort that often and it does free up the space in other easy to reach shelves.

Designate a closet space for Your work/school clothes

By only following two steps you should have ended up with half of what you started with, or less!

The next step is to separate Your work clothes from everything else. If you are in a similar situation as me, it is more than likely that the place you work at or study does have a dress code.

My workplace is pretty lenient when it comes to dress code. We do have a pretty common one – business casual, I am sure You have heard of it 😀 We have casual Fridays as well. However, I do own quite an amount of clothing not appropriate for my workplace. Nothing too serious, an open shoulder top or a dress with straps.

I try to organize my clothes by categories, therefore my work clothes sit in a different pile from clothing I might consider wearing on my day of. I find it easier to keep space organized if every item has their own place.Designate a closet space

I do want to step it up a bit more. I am currently sharing closet space with my roommate, so I have some limitations, however I want to completely separate my work clothes as well as to organize them by outfits and not categories. However, I do strongly advise You to designate a space in your closet for your work clothing as it makes it a bit easier to pick an outfit to wear each day.

Check what you already own

Currently I am not sure how many items to include in my capsule closet, but I feel like 10 to 14 would be about right. The types of clothing would include a dress, a skirt, couple of pants, two pairs of shoes, 4 tops, a jacket and a purse/backpack, with a couple items to spare.

The smartest way to begin would be checking what I already own. And as it turns out I do have quite a lot work appropriate clothing, unfortunately most of them lack a partner to be paired with as I do own few items for each season but nothing cohesive I could wear the whole season without getting bored or cold as it turns out I don’t own a jacket that I would like.

The items I have discovered to be appropriate to include in my ever-changing capsule closet: stripped black and white sheath dress with one third sleeves, white dotted black A line dress, black pencil skirt, black high waisted jeans, navy blue suit pants, black turtleneck, striped white and navy blue sleeveless blouse, black high heel boots, white sneakers.

Despite looking like I have full set for a capsule closet I feel lacking when it comes to making an actual outfit as there are only a couple combinations I feel good when wearing it.

Naturally, I do own a couple of red and yellow tops, but from the list above you can see I have decided to stick to white, black and navy blue for now, as they do seem like a dominating color in my work appropriate attire.

I do suggest, and I will do so as well, to include work appropriate items you want to wear out as well, perhaps if your clothing is hanging in a closet separate it by a tag, or if you keep it in a drawer like me, put it in a different pile.

Do not worry if You do not have a lot to build Your capsule closet on. My capsule closet is far from complete and I am going to look for affordable as well as wearable items to add to my collection as well as hopefully help you out as well.

Content goes here.separate items you want to include in your capsule closet from items that are work appropriate but you just wan to wear them out. I will talk about how to choose items for your capsule closet in my next article

Is there more space?

Yes and no. We mostly just hid away the clothing we don’t currently wear in order to be able to see wearable items more clearly. I hope I managed to help you at least a tiny bit with the organizational aspect for now. I believe that clearly seeing the clothing you have will lead to more creativity with your outfit ideas as well as allow you to visualize what additional item or items would most benefit your current collection. In the next post I will explore the possible variations of the capsule closet as well as how to choose items for your capsule closet from ground zero.

All the best,

Austeja Amy

Austeja Amy


  1. Justin Dew

    I totally agree with you concerning closet space. Fourtunatly for me though, all of my clothes fit in a dresser and I use the closet as more of a storage area. A few clothes but not many. I like all of the information though about going through everything so frequently and separating what you don’t need, as well as putting them in separate groups. I recently sorted all of my clothes which are not many to see what I no longer wear. Truth be known there are a few things that I don’t wear. If you want to get rid of the things you don’t need and be organized, this is good information to have.

    • admin

      You are so lucky Your clothes fit in one place! And I am glad that despite being well organized, You have found something useful in this article still! Maybe it will be more useful in the future if You ever find Yourself in abundance of clothing items in small space 😀 😀

  2. mike

    how does anyone’s closet look so clean? I may be a clothing hoarder. I have piles of clothes I haven’t been able to fit in for years. I ignore because I like to pretend I could wear them again someday. I never really thought about storing seasonal clothes. I know I’ve seen it on TV before, but I guess I never really thought it was something everyone did. Do I have to seal them in bags? What is the best way to store them out of sight? I would probably be putting them in an old shed, its the only place I have room.

    • admin

      I must admit, the organized closet does not stay organized for long, maybe that’s why I organize it to no end 😀 😀
      I think if You just go over Your clothes once it would be become easier to go over it again latter on. Even if You don’t throw anything away I feel it would allow You to have a better understanding of what You actually own and what You need and do not need to buy to make it more functional.
      As for storage, I usually wash and fold and then put my clothes in top closet shelves and under the storage space under my bed. I do not use vacuum bags as I do have the space, but I think if You plan on storing Your clothes in a shed You might want to consider them. Putting the clothes in vacuum should keep the moisture out and You want that as moist clothes might end up with a mold colony; and I assume You would like to keep pests like rats and bugs out of Your clothes as well. Make sure Your clothes are properly sealed if You are keeping them in an uncontrolled environment. I hope this answer was helpful to You! Please feel free to ask additional questions if needed 😀

  3. Winter Rose

    It is a great idea to separate your clothes into categories. You have your work, school, and casual garments all sorted into sections. I have always organized my clothes from work, school, or just every day. It helps to decide what to wear. Going through your clothes every six months is a great idea as well as the two rules that go with it.

    Thanks for the excellent tips and ideas.

  4. Eric


    • admin

      Oh wow! Happy to hear it. I hope Your closet will look more organized it no time, and with Your enthusiasm I believe You will do great!

  5. Jill du Preez

    Hi Austeja, Great advice which I will attempt to take. At present, I have my closet set up in color order which makes it easier for me to pick out the right color co-ordinates. It is still rather cluttered as I have been keeping clothes that I hope to fit into again (soon). If this doesn’t happen will have to give them to a charity.
    Will try your method first before getting rid of too much anyway.

    • admin

      I’m glad You’ve found it useful. I think organizing by color is a great choice as well, if it is something that works for You. I think any method of organization is brilliant as long as it is helpful and not being a hindrance. And if a certain method works for You, just stick to it!
      I love the fact that You have goal clothes, but make sure it a reminder of where You are trying to go, keep the timeless pieces and only the clothes You felt good in. Maybe in that way there would be less clutter in Your closet and more clarity in mind 🙂

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