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Building Capsule Wardrobe from Ground Zero

In the last post we talked about how to organize Your wardrobe to create more space and how to pinpoint the work appropriate clothing pieces you already own. But what if you want to change Your wardrobe 360 degrees all at once? Where to start if You decided building capsule wardrobe from ground zero is a more desirable path for You?

In this post I will explore the possible variations of the capsule closet as well as to where to start when building from zero.

We are however going to concentrate on summer and spring season as it is approaching rapidly and the weather is getting hotter each day.

Think how You imagine Your capsule closet to be

What style do You usually go for? Is it a more feminine look or do You want to go for a more classic preppy look. Perhaps You want to go for a sophisticated business woman look. Choosing the style You feel comfortable in is important first step in creating any look as well as creating Your wardrobe.

You don’t have to decide immediately but it is going to make choosing clothing pieces for Your wardrobe much easier, as well as letting to enjoy Your Capsule Wardrobe to the fullest!

If it is too difficult to decide now on a particular style, decide simply if it is going to include more dresses and skirts or pants. Believe it or not this small decision is going to help You out a lot.

Pick a color scheme

If You remember, in the previous article I have decided to go for navy blue, black and white color scheme because these are the colors dominating my closet and they are pretty neutral when it comes to matching them.

If You are starting from scratch You are free to pick any color scheme You want, just make sure the colors suit You.Color

I am no expert, but if You have a lighter skin like I do I would suggest wearing pastel colors with caution as I feel they tend to wash out whatever color I have left in my face and make me look sickish, however, for a darker skin tone those same pastel colors tend to compliment the skin tone pretty well. Of course this might be completely untrue for You, however, be sure to pick a color scheme best suited for You.

And while black and white is a classic color combination, there are many popular combinations out there, like monochrome, greyscale, neutral color schemes with muted hues, earthy colors. There are so many to choose from. And while I feel like for a complete beginner like me black and white is an easy and simple starting point, You might be more advanced and want to try a completely different color scheme, and You are completely welcome to take on a challenge!

Decide on article of clothing You are going to build around

Encouraging to choose an article of clothing to build around I don’t specifically mean to choose one piece of clothing but more specifically one group of clothing items.

Are You going to be building Your wardrobe around pants? skirts? shirts? tops or bottoms?

This is what You need to decide.

The reason is quite simple really. If You choose to build Your wardrobe around bottoms, You can choose them so that despite being simple they also act as a center piece of Your outfit. Your pants might have a fun patter on them or be a colorful statement piece of Your whole outfit.

However, if You build around bottoms, to make Your outfit look cohesive, the tops should work better if they are simpler. They still can be fun, but perhaps less out there. I feel like a one color top would work better with striped pants instead of a patterned one.
Unless You are amazing at mixing patters and making them look great. In that case, Go You! 😀

I, however, am not good at patter mixing and a total weak ass when it comes to tops. I could probably wear the same pair of jeans for a whole work week and just keep on changing the tops. I find it easier to find a fun well fitted top than a pair of pants. Therefore, I am going to work around a bigger variety of tops for now and perhaps later on I will choose a different adventure.

Put a detailed list for the items to include in capsule closet

If You have decided on a style, color scheme and the item You are going to build around it is time to put up a list! I love lists, it just so satisfactory to cross out the items on it 😀

To make it easier for You I put up a quick list (with a little help of wiki article as well) of items You might want to consider including in Your Capsule closet. Here it is!

1. trench coat

2. leather/synthetic leather jacket

3. tailored trousers

4. jeans

5. blazer

6. a dress

7. skirt

8. white shirt

9. blouses

10. t-shirt

11. high heels

12. casual shoes

13. cardigan

14. bag

15. scarf

16. sunglasses

17. jewelry

You don’t have to get everything on the list, I for once would not get sunglasses, as I would need to get prescription sunglasses as I do not wear lenses. As for blouses and t-shirts, I will definitely get more than one of each 😀

Are we about to lift off?

When working on Your first ever Capsule Wardrobe You need to at least to consider the direction You are trying to go, otherwise it will become too easy to give up.

So far we dedicated a closet space for Your Capsule Wardrobe items, we picked a color scheme and deliberated the style we want to go for. We also picked an item we are going to be building around.

I feel that by now, the image of Your Capsule Wardrobe should be becoming clearer! The core is there and we are about to lift off!

Best Wishes,

Austeja Amy

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