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About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my Budget Capsule Closet website! Clothing has been a passion of mine as it is for every girl. I have bought numerous pieces of fast fashion over the years following the hype or looking for self-expression.

However entering a job market I learned that some of my favorite pieces just do not translate well in a working environment.

Living in a country where average salary is not that high I had(and still have) to quickly change my colorful closet to something work appropriate and within my budget.

Within this website I want to share my insight of what I discovered and provide You with tips and tricks that worked for me.

A Little Story About My Relationship with Clothes

Growing up I was always a little smaller than everyone else. When girls were already buying clothes and shoes from the adult section I was still stuck with the children’s department.

In fact if I did try to pull a piece of clothing from and adult department I looked just like that, like a child trying on her mothers clothes. It didn’t suit me.

No wonder when every girl was trying on high heels I owned a pair of lime green shoes.

Having a limited choice I did my best to make it work. My fashion went into a direction of colorful shoes, graphic t-shirts and questionable clothing items.


Why the Change to Business Casual

Entering the job marked I soon realized I look out of place with my choice of clothing. Standing next to a guy in a suit while wearing overalls dress I felt as if I might not be taken seriously.

I began introducing some more work appropriate attire, skirts, casual knit sweaters, some dresses. Of course, it is difficult to change Your closet overnight. I still have a pair of baby pink winter boots and a healthy selection of bright colored sweaters mostly in red and yellow.

However I feel like it is time to step it up a bit more. I want to build myself a business casual closet suiting me and my sense of self as well as making me look more feminine and put together. In essence, I think it is time to embrace some classics in the clothing word.

Much of the content I am going to be discussing here is going to be centered around the idea of having a core items in your arbitrary you can build around without having to spend a fortune. A capsule closet on a budget so to speak.


Simpler is better

There is no point in keep buying fast fashion if it is the only items in Your closet. A lot can be accomplished just by having some key items as a core and building around them.

This can lead to a better situation for Your wallet as well as an easier time picking out what to on a daily basis, when Your options are limited by a dress code.

So look around and if You have anything to share feel free to contact me, I would love to hear it!


All the best,

Austeja Amy

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